Mobile Users

See videolog 28th June ’15.

Undoubtedly we live in a mobile society. The mobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries of the last decade. Since 2014 the number of mobile users worldwide has overtaken the number of desktop users worldwide. Mobile technologies have changed how people spend their leasure time, how they learn and build knowledge in different settings (Lai et al., 2013). Although Lai et al. note (2013) that there is not yet a consensus on how mobile learning should be defined, it became clear in this case study that particpants are strong mobile users.

Eight out of twelve interviewees expressed explicit mobile usage of Twitter for engaging on the social medium. There is a strong correlate between the use of mobile devices and the CPD through Twitter. It is likely to assume that the four other interviewees are also active users on mobile devices but this was not mentioned explicitly during the interview. Interviewees Els and Erik acknowledged using Twitter both on laptops as on mobile devices.

This observation from the data will lead to a recommendation for better implementation of Twitter as a means of CPD.

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