> Energization & positive emotionality

(See videolog 19th June ‘15)

According to Hart (2000) a shift in emotional, physical and energetic state occurs at the moment of being inspired. The emotional change is "not merely feeling better but is an immediate and powerful shift commonly described as ‘joy’, ‘excitement’, ‘enthousiasm’, ‘being at peace’.” (p. 13) The experience of inspiration results in higher levels of energy and positive emotionality (Hart, 2000; Thrash & Elliot, 2003).

As you can see in the Nvivo coding, the teachers expressed feelings of proud, happiness, satisfaction and appreciation. I conclude that there is a causal effect between Twitter use and the inspiring nature of the educational contents distributed through Twitter. Negative emotions such as fear of missing out or anxiety for sharing were discussed in the context of “what prevents teachers from sharing?” but were not emotional states of the participants themselves.

  “Often I have the feeling of finding a needle in an educational haystack. I like this very much!” (Kris)

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